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Resources Blog How Clean Is Your Indoor Air?

How Clean Is Your Indoor Air?

The experts at B&B Heat and Air are passionate about giving Grove, OK, customers the best in home comfort solutions. While you may think of us as a heating and cooling company, we know that there is more to your home climate than the right temperature. We also offer air cleaning and purifying systems that can remove what is floating around your indoor air. Here are the three biggest air impurities you'll want to eradicate.

1. Common Irritants

Dust is a common issue for most homes. You see dust particles floating through the air on a sunny day. Those particles are a combination of dander, hair, and dirt. They also contain smaller particles like seasonal pollen and mold spores. For sensitive people, these particles can cause allergy symptoms like a scratchy throat, runny nose and headaches. We can install an upgraded air filtration system that can remove many of these irritants from your air supply.

2. Microorganisms

If you have people living in your home, you have organisms like viruses and bacteria in your air. Part of the reason that seasonal illnesses seem to cycle through every member of your household is the virus becoming airborne. A UV germicidal light can kill many of the organisms in your atmosphere as they float through your ducts.

3. Organic Compounds

At the molecular level, many household cleaning items and beauty products release organic chemicals into the air. The same goes for paints, solvents, and lubricants. Even the many vinyl and plastic items in your home slowly release chemicals as they break down. In high concentrations, these volatile organic compounds can cause headaches, trouble sleeping, and nausea. An air purification system uses a catalyst to trap and break down these chemicals. It will also help remove unpleasant odors from your home.

When you're looking for a partner to give you complete home comfort, we'll be ready to help. B&B Heat and Air can handle your heating, cooling, solar and air quality issues. Contact us today for more information.

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