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Common Problems That Can Develop With Zone Control Systems

The zone control system is a remarkable breakthrough in the HVAC industry. You can upgrade your existing central air conditioning system with this feature. It allows you to direct and customize temperatures in individual parts of your home. With this system in place, disagreements among members of your family regarding personal indoor comfort should be drastically reduced.

However, a zone control system is complicated, and the bigger the home, the more complex the arrangement is. Cold air is distributed from your central AC through ductwork and vents to individual rooms. The amount of airflow is regulated by motorized dampers that behave essentially like faucets, and each room is equipped with its own thermostat. As with any other aspect of your air conditioning system, zone control components may develop problems that prevent the system from performing optimally. Due to the delicate and intricate nature of zone control, repair work is best left in the hands of professionals. Even so, it is advisable to be familiar with potential problems. Here is an overview of common issues that could develop with the zone control system of your AC.

1. Malfunctioning Thermostats

A faulty thermostat is a common problem encountered by homeowners who have zone control. The function of the thermostats is to regulate temperatures in individual rooms. If a thermostat doesn't operate properly, you will encounter an issue adjusting the comfort in a particular location. This could be caused by dusty components, worn-out batteries or poor calibration. Whatever the cause, the issue can be fixed. Your AC repair expert will diagnose the problem and find an immediate solution. When troubleshooting the thermostat, the technician will reset the system and replace the batteries. The issue might also be resolved by cleaning contact points within the system. If your thermostat is found to be faulty, it will be replaced.

2. Dampers That Are Stuck

A glitch in a damper motor can cause it to malfunction. This is another common problem encountered with a zone control system. Dampers, like other moving parts in the AC, are subject to wear and tear. They also tend to accumulate debris, dust and dirt, causing the parts to stick. Sometimes, this is exacerbated by a lack of lubrication. The solution to stuck dampers is to have them cleaned. That solution, however, is not as easy as it sounds. The location of the dampers within the ductwork makes them quite difficult to reach. This task should be undertaken by a professional. An AC repair expert who is conversant with the complicated ductwork will get the motorized damper functioning again in no time.

3. Damaged Control Panel

The control panel is the primary brain of the zone control system. It plays a major role in collecting information from each zone's thermostat to maintain the set temperatures. It also controls the operations of the dampers to keep the temperature constant in every room. Given the nature of work done by the control panel, there are lots of electrical components involved. Therefore, the control panel problems are mostly electrical — corroded or frayed wiring and electrical shorts, among others things.

These issues can be tricky to resolve on your own. It is advisable to call the professionals when you experience an unresponsive control panel. To avoid further damage, contact your trusted technician as soon as you notice the problem. Remember that the control panel regulates everything within the zone control system, and leaving it unattended could cause far worse damage down the line.

4. Blocked or Leaking Ducts

Your air conditioning system is connected to a network of ducts that direct cold or hot air into each zone of the home. If the ducts are clogged or damaged, the free flow of air will be inhibited. The obstruction of airflow can be caused by an accumulation of dust and dirt in the ducts. It is also common to find nests of birds, rodents and insects inside the ducts of older buildings. Besides that, the ducts may develop cracks or holes due to old age. These allow the air to leak out. If either of these is a major impediment, you will not achieve the desired temperatures in each of the rooms of your home. Due to the delicate nature of the ductwork in the AC unit, you should contact AC repair experts to identify and fix the problem.

Although the zone control system is a huge investment in any home, it is prone to break down. As soon as problems arise, you should ensure that the equipment is repaired by reputable and professional HVAC experts. Consult B & B Heating and Air Conditioning for all your HVAC issues in Grove, OK. You can trust our qualified technicians with your zone control system. We also offer consultations and a full range of installation, replacement, repair and maintenance for all makes and models of heating and cooling systems. Call us today to discuss your situation.

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