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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

It doesn’t take a heating and cooling guru to determine that, if your furnace is blowing out cold air instead of warm, something is up.

But, before you start shopping around for furnaces thinking you need a new one, let’s talk about a few reasons why your furnace might be doing this and how to fix it.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

If your thermostat is set to ‘On,’ your fan is going to run regardless of whether or not your furnace is lit. If it’s warm enough in your home and the furnace hasn’t clicked on, your furnace fan will start pushing out cold air.

Different thermostats have various settings. For instance, instead of ‘On,’ you can set it to ‘Auto’ or ‘Heat.’ Check your thermostat first to see if this might be the case.

Did Your Pilot Light Go Out?

This doesn’t happen easily, but it does happen. If the pilot light in your furnace has gone out, your furnace burners will not ignite. You’ll need to light the pilot or bring in a professional to do so.

This won’t require any tools, but you have to be very careful while you work. For instance, you’ll need to turn off the gas and switch the valve over to pilot settings. If you’re not confident in your ability to do this safely, connect with an HVAC service team.

Do You Have Ample Fuel Supply?

Not all homes are powered by natural gas. Rural homes rely on a storage of propane or oil to keep their furnaces going. When fuel runs out, so does your flame. The fan will still run in your furnace, kicking out cold air.

Get to The Bottom Of Your Furnace Needs With Our Trusted HVAC Professionals

The list of potential problems only grows from there — a faulty burner, filthy air filter and more.

The team at B&B Heat and Air Conditioning in Grove, OK, has a staff that is experienced in maintaining, inspecting, repairing and replacing furnaces of all makes and models. If your furnace is experiencing issues, we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

Posted Wed. Nov. 13, 2019