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Wed. Nov. 13, 2019

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

It doesn’t take a heating and cooling guru to determine that, if your furnace is blowing out cold air instead of warm, something is up. But, before you start shopping around for furnaces thinking you need a new one, let’s talk about a few reasons why your furnace might be doing this and how to fix it.

Wed. Oct. 10, 2019

B&B Heating & Air Conditioning Participates in Feel the Love Program by Lennox

No one should go without the comfort of a properly working indoor heater. As a leading manufacturer of home heating and cooling products, Lennox has the power to change people's lives. The Lennox company has implemented a community program that ensures more of your neighbors receive needed heating equipment before winter arrives.

Wed. Sept. 4, 2019

Best Dusting Techniques & Products to Improve Your IAQ

Dust is something we must all contend with, and pet owners can have it worst of all. Such buildup is a serious concern that not only lowers indoor air quality but can exacerbate asthma and other breathing conditions. The good news is that there are techniques and products that can make a big difference.

Wed. July 10, 2019

5 Ominous AC System Sounds

No air conditioning unit is perfectly quiet, and in a way, that can be a good thing. Though AC units develop problems, their owners do not have to wait until the system seizes to get a clue that it is not running optimally. All they have to do is listen. Below are five sounds that, if you hear them, should prompt you to seek a professional for an inspection.